Well, after about a 2 week hiatus it feels good to be blogging again!

These past few weeks have been crazy!!

We went on a cruise with the family for Jared’s Graduation and had a BLAST!! I will say the best part (besides being with the family) was the food!! Now, I know what your thinking… “did she take pictures of the food?” the answer, OF COURSE I DID!! It’s really the best place to try out food you never would have before *clears throat* like frog legs! So, with the tradition of  posting food pictures, I give you… “Cruise Food”

Ceviche- (for those of you who don’t know what it is) -A South American dish of marinated raw fish or seafood, typically garnished and served as an appetizer. And it was spectacular!

Alligator fritters Anything fried is good in my book!!

Pork Chops- With the most AMAZING Mac & Cheese ever!! You know that didn’t come out of a box!

Heaven– OK, not really heaven, but pretty dang close. This was a warm chocolate melting cake! Even typing this is making me drool. I am currently in the hunt for a recipe to replicate this!

Yes, I took a picture with the frog legs that I ate! They were surprisingly good! People say they take like chicken, I would have to disagree.. they taste more like fish!

Dad! – So a pretty unknown thing about eating at the “formal” or nice restaurant for dinner, is you don’t just have to order 1 appetizer, dinner and dessert. You can order every single appetizer if your little heart desires. In fact, on “formal” night, my dad ordered 3 entrees!! He tried the lobster, steak and the ribs!! My cousins like had 5 lobster tails! I’m not kidding, order away!

Our dinner table on the night we though it was just going to be us 2… Jared ended up showing up, for his 3rd dinner, which was cool, because I kind of like that kid.

But of course, it was not all about the food, we had a great time with family and traveling around. We went snorkeling in Cozumel which is one of my favorite places ever! I have never seen such blue water in my life. Josh and I hope to next year stay at an all-inclusive resort there and stay longer than 8 hours (which we have done twice)!

Like I said, the water was so clear! (so glad Shark Week is this week, not 2 weeks ago, can I get an AMEN)

Also, side note- if you are often in the water or swimming or anything, these photo were taken with Josh’s iPhone. I bought this thing off Amazon.com for like $25 and it worked like a charm! Totally worth it in my book!

Well, lunch is over, time to get back to work! I will leave you with a picture of my wonderful family who we had such a blast with that week! I love them so very much, no matter where in the world we live, from Mexico to the Carolina’s or New Mexico to Tennessee a part of my heart is always with them!

Thank you for letting me indulge you in a multitude of pictures, hope to be back to my “normal” postings next week 🙂

Until next time,