First off I want to say congratulation to my brother Jared for graduating High School! Yeah class of 2012!!

So we had a TON of family in town this weekend! My Grandparents stayed with Josh and I. It was our first time “hosting” someone at the house since we have been married! (well, that was not a brother) Thankfully my mother was a trooper and took care of all of the meals so I didn’t have to worry about cooking! She pretty much rocks!

Graduation was at 8:00 IN THE MORNING!!!! Ohy! At least we didn’t have to fight traffic in the morning, so that was a plus.

The next graduation from high school will be my baby brother Michael, but we are 4 years away from that. Hopefully I will be graduation from College before that 🙂



So my weekend went by fast (and I was soooo grateful for “bonus day” off work Friday after the electricity went out, the AC stopped working and our computer system shut down) I was able to get some last-minute cleaning taken care of.  My Grandmothers house is always sooo clean, I felt I had a little more work to do to get even close to her house.

My summer class started up today! It’s a 4 week class, so if you don’t see or hear from me for a few weeks, it’s because my nose will be in a book! I have 4 weeks to read 15 chapters of my text-book… And I would be lying if I said I have even read half of the previous text books I got in a whole semester! This should be interesting.

Anyway that’s about all I got for now! I will post a recipe later this week for some homemade “healthy” cinnamon rolls! I started following the weight watchers plan (to get in shape for swimsuit season… bla) (good part, I’ve already lost 5lbs!)  and this is a recipe for that plan!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!