What a CRAZY past few days it’s been! (Sorry Clay, i haven’t had time to blog, hope you made it through the week with out it ;))  On Wednesday I left work at noon. I was planning to leave at 2:30 because in my perfect plan, I was going to be all packed and ready to go the night before, but my class on Tuesday that usually gets out at 6:30 ended up going until 9:00 and I still had a paper to write (that I forgot about procrastinated on) that was due at midnight. Needless to say, my master plan didn’t work out very well, or like I wanted it to. But no worries! I got home on Wednesday, packed and went to pick up my road trip buddy Kaitlynn!! We left about 3:30 and got to San Angelo around 7:15. My rents and the gymnasts had already left for dinner so we were on our own. We ended up at Olive Garden (yumm!) Side note for if you ever go to San Angelo, DON’T ORDER WATER!! It’s super nasty!

Anyway, Thursday started the gymnastic meet and thankfully the men went in the afternoon! The poor girls had to be at the gym practicing at 8:30! Everyone did AWESOME!!

During the mornings Kaitlynn and I hit the pool! I love the pool, just to relax and lay out… (Ahhh I wish I was at a pool right now!) It was like 95 degrees! (My up North followers, this is typical Texas weather, pushing 100 at the start of May 🙂 )

The 3 girls ended up making it to the National Meet!! We were soo excited for them!!

On Saturday we left for home about 3:15 and made it back by 7:30ish. I really had a blast getting to talk with Kaitlynn (I’ll be honest, totally thought she was shy; but was ecstatic when I realized i was wrong!) We literally talked and laughed for the entire ride!!

Made some great memories this past weekend! The only thing missing was Josh who couldn’t get of work and had to take care of the pups.

Here are just a few pics from this weekend

On the road!! Don’t worry moms, weren’t actually driving!

Jared and I before the first day of the meet!

All of the boys!

The loan Central Man!

Thumbs up from the brother 🙂

The FAM!

The icing on the cake was the fact that Dad was able to be on the floor with him again this time around!


So, thanks for the memories kid! Its been fun watching you become so good at what you do! And it was a great end to your high school career of gymnastics 🙂


Last but not least, IT”S SUMMER TIME Y’ALL tomorrow I am turning my last assignment until the fall and I’m not gonna lie, my heart is happy!:)


Will be posting a recipe soon that Josh can’t get enough of, he literally goes to the store to get these ingredients just so I can make it.. Stay tune