This weekend was crazy!! We were literally busy all weekend and hardly had time to relax, but that’s OK because although it was busy, it was extremely fun!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early for something I had been saving for Josh’s birthday, I took him ZIP LINING! Not exactly sure what I was thinking because I’m terrified of heights!  We drove out to this place in Roanoke off 114 called  DFW Adventure Park. They have a ton of things to do there like paintball, ATV courses, and zip lining!

After we got all “geared up” we drove about a mile back into the park where our first course was. I’m pretty sure I was in full panic mode when I saw what we had to climb up!!

Not sure if you can tell by the picture, but there are several extension ladders that we have to climb up to get to the top (shudder)


Just about the time that I had a heart attack Got all my gear, and we started to climb to the top!

This was our view from the top platform, it may not look that high, but looking down was another story!

I went first in order to keep my heart from exploding in my chest!

What you can’t tell from this picture, is we were going really fast!! A lot faster that I thought we were going to be going.

Josh however, was super calm  (insert jealous look here),  he looked like a natural!

Then he got CRAZY!!



It was really a lot of fun and if you are looking for something different to do that’s in the area, try this out one weekend before it gets to hot!

We finished the night celebrating my brother Jared at his Senior gymnastic banquet. It was a fun and special time with family and friends!

Sunday we “took it easy” by that I mean, running errands in the morning (well Josh did, I stayed home to “take care of the dogs” :)) Then when he got home we took them to the dog park!! It’s their favorite place!! Shiloh howls like I’ve never heard him howl before when we pull up there! They run around for about an hour then they are super tired and we (usually) have calm tired dogs for the rest of the day.

Anyway, sorry for the picture over load!

This will be a short week for me this week because Wednesday night I’m picking up Jared’s girlfriend Kaitlynn and we are going on a ROAD TRIP (!!!) to San Angelo to watch Jared at his State meet Thursday and Friday. So please keep our travels and the teams travels in your prayers, and also Jared as he competes for his last time in high school (finish strong little man)

That’s all I got for now, hope everyone had a great weekend!