TGIF!! Am I right??

This weekend starts off a bunch of busy weekends for us! Tomorrow is Josh s birthday! We have some friends coming over to cook out and watch the UFC fights tomorrow night. Which also means that tomorrow morning is Cleaning day!   (can I get a yeah…)   It’s not that the house is a mess, but with working full time and going to school, there are just some things that dont get done around the house during the week. We are are going later tonight to pick up some food and burgers from Sprouts. Their burgers are the greatest! I am also going to be trying a lighter version of potato salad to go with it, I will post the recipe later if it’s good 🙂

Sunday morning we are going for a brunch cruise on Lake Lewisville! I have never heard of it before, but I got a groupon-like email from another discount company called KGB DEALS . I have found several things on there that I like and this one was just the right time for Josh’s birthday!

Next weekend we are going to celebrate his birthday some more with my gift to him, but it’s a surprise ! I will report back after next weekend with pictures 🙂 It’s gonna be AWESOME!!

….. Side note, getting birthday gifts for guys can be super difficult, but i think i did good this year!!.


So last night we had some unexpected (at least to me) storms move in! As much as I love to lay in bed and watch the lightning and thunder roll in… I find it harder to enjoy now because poor Shiloh is terrified of storms! He cried and yelled and growled during the whole storm. I had Josh get up and put a towel over his kennel becasue if he cant see the lightning, it seams to calm him down a little. That being said, I have seen commercials on TV for something called a Thundershirt, and have told Josh in passing that we may want to get it for the little guy. Last night he finally agreed to try it out. Has anyone ever tried these things before? I’m hoping they actually work because being woke up at 4:30 in the morning was not very pleasant.


I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!! I’m excited even more so because I’m pretty sure (I say pretty sure, because I haven’t looked at when things are due, so I’m crossing my fingers…)  I will not be writing 2 huge papers this weekend like I was last weekend, so hopefully I can enjoy this weekend and celebrating my sweet husbands birthday!