OK, so maybe we’re not going to state, but my “little” brother Jared is!!

Please excuse me while I brag on this little guy! OK so, for the past 4 years I have watched my brother compete in gymnastics. He has always been good (he comes by it naturally, my dad was a gymnast in high school and college and can still blow people away with his “skills”), but watching him in his last meet, which could qualify him for state,  I was blown away!

Something special about this particular meet was that my dad got to be their fill in coach! He was out there on the floor with the 3 men gymnasts from KISD and I’m not sure I ever saw the smile come off his face! I was excited for my dad as well as my brother that they got to share this memory together!

Because of budget cuts the KISD boys gymnastic team was cut and so they are doing this on their own, with the assistance of their old coach,  all 3 of them! They are going up against teams that have over 30 members and state of the art facilities! To watch my brother compete among them was really impressive.

Now, that’s not the most impressive part, during their regional meet last week, he placed 7th on the floor, he was among all those powerhouse teams!! The top 10 qualified for state so he was IN!!!! We were ecstatic!! The best part comes next, after they went through all the individual events and qualifications, they ended with the All Around qualifiers.. As my mom, my brother Michael, his girlfriend Kaitlynn, and girlfriends mom Mrs. Allen all sat there holding our breath they called his name (AHHHHHH!!!!!) !!!! He got 7th in all around also!!! (I couldn’t believe how nervous I was waiting on them to finish calling all the names!!) So there he was on the podium and going to state in not just 1 event, but 2!!

As I was looking through pictures this weekend for his senior slide show, I came to realize one thing, hes all grown up! I remember thinking him driving a car was just crazy! There was no way he is old enough to be driving a car! Now here we are and he will be graduation high school in a few short weeks… (tear) It has been such a blessing and pleasure watching the young man Jared has become and his love for others. I cant wait to see where the future takes this little guy, I am so incredibly proud of him and all he has accomplished and love him very very much!!

So, San Angelo, hope your ready for us!! We’re coming to cheer for Jared!!

Please keep him in your prayers May 3,4 and 5th and to have safe travels for all us of going up there to see him!

West OUT!

PS. mom, I hope your not crying 🙂

Also, sorry for not posting for a few days, I knew I wanted this to be my next post and it took a few days to get these pictures uploaded.