Happy short week!!  Well at least it is for me because we get Friday off, yeah for 3 day weekends!

So Austin was so much fun this weekend! Me and Josh cant wait to go back! The hotel we stayed at was right on Town Lake and they offered kayaking and canoeing and even segway tours. We didn’t get to do any of these this weekend, but we for sure want to get back out there before it gets to hot and do some of those things.   We went to dinner at Stubbs BBQ and it was sooo good!! We wanted to go see the bat bridge where hundreds of bats usually fly out at night time, and we waited around for about a hour or so waiting on them, but they had plans to stay in for the evening so we didn’t get to watch them this time. But we really had a lot of fun just walking around and being with friends. We walked down 6th Street (for about a block) and quickly got off it as soon as we could. Apparently there was some sort of biker gang rally down there and let me tell you, those were some rough looking mean people!! I mean, they were busing police officers by the hundreds to be at this “event”.

We ended up at the little house bar called the Luster Pearl. It was a really cool and chill place that apparently the locals go to. It was an old house that they converted into a bar. The back yard had a bunch of picnic tables, ping pong and even a taco food truck set up!

Now speaking of food trucks, I heard some really exciting news yesterday… KELLER IS GETTING A FOOD TRUCK PARK!! Now food trucks seem to be the new thing in our area, there is one in Fort Worth that is really good! Me and Josh have been once before, and I keep wanting to go back! They have everything from grilled cheeses (Lee’s Grilled Cheese), a Bacon Wagon (which is where we ate when we went, AMAZING),  to cupcakes, and so many other different types of food.

I had the Westside Sandwich (I mean, I had to, it had my last name in it!) Which has Bacon, Lettuce, tomato, and Gorgonzola cheese on sourdough bread, then me and Josh split a maple bacon cupcake.. Yummy (I’m trying not to drool on my key board right now!)

All that to say, I am way stoked about the one opening up in Keller this summer.

So, there is my weekend wrap up! Hope every one had a good weekend as well!!

West Out!