Monday oh Monday… we meet again

Is it just me, or are there others out there that cringe a little on Sunday night when you have to set the alarm for Monday morning? No just me… Oh well…

It’s been a Monday, that’s for sure! As I walk into work this morning I was hit with a heat wave after getting off the elevator. Apparently the AC had gone out over the weekend and it was well over 80 degrees in my office (why did I even try and look cute today?!  *sigh* Melted make up is not a good look!)

Despite the fact it is again Monday, I had a GREAT weekend! Hope everyone else did also!  Got to take the pups to the park, and got a ton of cleaning done! It always feels better to walk into a clean bathroom or kitchen.

After church on Sunday we went to eat at one of Josh’s favorite restaurant (because he got a groupon) called Bobas Noodle House. I’m not gonna lie the place has really grown on me and its delish! To top it all off, we have recently discovered their Boba drinks… and HOLY COW!!! If you are in the area and looking for a refreshing drink, go grab you one of these bad boys!

I love the lychee colada!!

Last night while grocery shopping we decided on an impromptu date night full of wine and cheese. We have this Kroger by our house that is NUTS!! They have a huge selection of crazy cheeses so we decided on 3 different types, a mango ginger cheese, Merlot Belavotano and Parrano cheese,with  some sausage, crackers and olives! It was such a treat 🙂

I had said I was going to post a recipe for the corn bread, and I will, later.

That’s all for now, Monday, please be kind to me,

West out!