So I have been debating a while about starting a blog, and I finally decided today that TODAY IS THE DAY!. I’m not entirely sure what I will be posting on this yet, but I have a feeling a lot of food talk and recipes. I have come to realize that I REALLY enjoy/like to cook (not to mention like to eat :)) ! Growing up my mom had to force me to cook dinner, but, to be fair it’s much easier to cook for 2 people than a family of 6!

So I suppose I can let you know what my meal plan for the week was.

Sunday– Burgers
Monday– Home made Pizza Pinwheels
Tuesday– (I have class till late on Tuesday nights so dinner is usually up to what Josh wants/feels comfortable making, and i am OK with that) Fajitas
Wednesday– Teriyaki Pot Roast with potatoes, onions and carrots (slow cooker) (one of Josh’s favorites)
Thursday– Crock Pot Ravioli, with Texas Toast and a salad
Friday– Baked Chicken Flautas with a jalapeno cheddar corn bread

I’m actually really happy to say, we have totally stuck to it!! Usually I plan for a week and it doesn’t always work out like I want it to, but I kicked this weeks butt!

I am also happy to say that I LOVE my CROCKPOT!  I use to be nervous to use it because the thought of something on while I was not there frightened me a little, but I’m sooo glad I “grew out of that”.  I seriously use it every week.

Welp, that’s a start! I hope to add pictures to my recipes, because, believe it our not, I take pictures of all my food (Josh often rolls his eyes or says oh better get out your camera when I plate my dish) but I have been saving them for the time I decided I wanted to start a blog. So there Josh,  I WIN!

West, out!